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Adderall is an increasingly popular pharmaceutical drug that treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It is a psycho-stimulant medication that contains amphetamine. It is available in two different types which are IR (Instant Release) and XR (Extended Release). These two types come in different pill sizes also which also range from 10 mg up to 30 mg. Adderall is developed to increase productivity for many hours after taking the drug and letting the user focus on their tasks. Children and adults are prescribed this drug to help in school or at work if they are having trouble focusing and have found that they have ADHD.

Adderall has been found to significantly reduce the effects of ADHD without having harmful side effects. For short periods of usage these side effects are only sweating and shaking. In comparison to Ritalin, another ADHD drug, Adderall has a much better effect on the user and makes them much more productive. This can last for up to 10 hours on an adult or even longer for a child when taking the XR tablets. The user will have a heightened sense of focus and will be able to concentrate on a single subject for much longer than usual. After the drug has worn off then it may be difficult to sleep or eat depending on the person.


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Adderall XR uses Microtrol technology in order to release the drug slower into the body. Inside the capsule there are many tiny beads which contain the drug. Upon digestion half of the Adderall is released into the body but the other half are slow dissolving beads which will release the other half 4 hours later. This will give the user a longer period on Adderall. Because of this XR technology the student with ADHD can take the drug and be focused on their schoolwork throughout the whole day. Former ADHD drugs were not able to come up to this solution so well.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has become a problem and this new pharmaceutical drug has become the solution. Treatment with this amphetamine is simple and the user will feel the effects around an hour after digestion. Then it will effect their brains for up to 10-12 hours keeping them focused and productive on whatever they are doing. Available in either IR or XR form from 10-30 mg doses, there are plenty of choices. This is the ultimate way to treat ADHD.


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